Updated: Sep 20, 2021

What's the best type of water bottle?

We all drink water everyday, but not many of us pay too much attention to how we drink that water. We know that all water is not created equal. Some are acidic, some more alkaline, there's clean water, dirty water, cold water, hot water and the list goes on. Water is affected by its environment, so when stored in plastic, the plastic leaches into the water, therefore the person drinking that water is actually drinking microplastics.

It's a well established fact that consuming microplastics leads to serious health related issues ranging from cancer to infertility. Aside from drinking water from plastic bottles, what are the other commonly used materials? By far, the other top materials used for water bottles are glass and metal. Let's examine those for a moment. Sand is required to create glass, it is heated up at very high temperatures and formed into the desired shape.

A couple of issues to point out already, first is sand. The world is running out of sand! Not all types of sand are the same but the type we use most is getting harder and harder to find. Almost everything we use has sand into it one way or another, from construction material like concrete and cement that we need for our buildings and infrastructure to our electronic gadgets like our laptops, smart phones and TV monitors. The other issue is that high amounts of energy is needed to produce those materials and products. The same can be said for metal bottles. A similar process takes place for heating and molding the products.

People also often complain about the "metal aftertaste" when drinking from those bottles. So what other kind of material can be used? Before civilization had electricity and refrigerators to keep their food and drinks cool, people used clay to store and drink their water, as it has many natural benefits. Clay is porous so that it "sweats" when it is hot outside, keeping the water cool on the inside.

Clay is environmentally friendly, as it is literally from the earth and is biodegradable. Clay is also good for our health, as it naturally balances the PH level of the water and can be used as a form of filtration for cleaning water. People who have used it absolutely love the taste of cool refreshing water. That's why we started Clay2o, the best way to drink h2o, as it is good for our health, good for the environment and is self cooling.

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